Thursday, July 06, 2006

1969 Hurlow

W.B. "Bill" Hurlow is one of the foremost British framebuilders. He worked for F. H. Grubb, Claud Butler, Mal Rees, and Condor, and built under his own name as well. In retirement he remains an enthusiastic cyclist, and recently appeared in the V-CC magazine with one of his Condors.

Frames bearing the Hurlow label are rare in America. This machine was built for a New England cyclist in 1969. After his death, his family passed the bike to his younger cycling friend, who recently refurbished it and returned it to the road. The V-CC places great importance upon riding old bikes, not consigning them to displays or concours. On the road, the owner honors both the memory of his friend and the unsurpassed craftsmanship of Bill Hurlow, while gathering new experiences and memories that add to the bicycle's story.

Photographs by Scott Ebersole