Monday, October 04, 2010

1957 Maclean

frame: Accles & Pollack Kromo double butted tubing
headset: Brampton Alatet
stem: GB spearpoint
handlebar: GB
saddle: Brooks B.17 Standard
seatpin: Birmalux 27.2
bracket: Bayliss Wiley Featherweight
chainset: Williams 46t
pedals: Raleigh gent's sports
brakes: GB Coureur (f), Weinmann 810 (r)
levers: GB Coureur
hubs: BH Airlite (f), Sturmey-Archer alloy shell AW (r)
rims: Weinmann 26 x 1-1/4
mudguards: Bluemel's Lightweight

     This possibly is Maclean's Eclipse model. The resolution of photos in the company's brochure make it impossible to detect fine differences in lug patterns used in the Eclipse and Club models, but the description of the Eclipse is consistent with the use of Nervex Professional lugs, which are part of this frame.

     This bike was made for a touring cyclist, typical of Maclean's customer base, showing that not every British cyclist of the 1950s was influenced by racing fashions of the day. This frame, still in its original finish, has brazed bosses for a Sturmey-Archer gear cable pulley and a carrier rack, and is built around 26 x 1-1/4 inch tires.

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