Monday, August 12, 2013

Confidential to No-Way Ray

From "Readers in Council," the CTC Gazette, October 1946...

Cycle pedals

Shortly after I had bought a second-hand cycle the inner ball bearings of both pedals broke down. Spare spindles and pedals not being available, I removed the balls from the inside bearings, leaving the outer balls in position for axial location.

Now the inside end of each pedal runs directly on the spindle like a plain bearing on a journal. This technically not-quite-correct solution has so far (nearly 500 miles) been very satisfactory, and I trust that with liberal lubrication it will last quite a bit after the end of the present scarcity of spare pedals. It seems that Mr. R. Tonkin's suggestion [arguing for the introduction of plain journal bearings in pedals as 'I have yet to find a ball-bearing pedal that stands up to real hard work'] in the August Gazette is well justified.

-L. Rosenfeld

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