Friday, February 23, 2007

January Workshop Day

Photos by Elton Pope-Lance

While walking his dog one morning, a neighbor wondered what was on the underwater end of a bicycle wheel protruding from murky water and debris in a neglected stretch of the Muddy River in Brookline, Mass. Have you ever been so tempted? It might pay to find out. In this case, it was a 1949 Dawes Courier: Reynolds 531db, Williams chainset, GB Hiduminium brakes, and Dunlop Special Lightweight rims. The V-CC New England Section devoted its annual workshop day to resurrecting this sunken treasure.

Researching the Williams timeline

The bottom bracket shell is not threaded. The adjustable cup threads into this sleeve.

Not bad for 58 years old and fished out of a river

A recalcitrant cotter

A prayerful attitude before all things Sturmey-Archer
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