Thursday, November 29, 2007

Circumnavigation of Manhattan

April 28, 2007

Photos by Elton Pope-Lance

The Wayfarer Ride

photos by Scott Ebersole

March 31, 2007

Inspired by Wayfarer's famous ride over the Nant Rhyd Wilym in the Berwyn Mountains of Wales on the
penultimate day of March, 1919, the New England Section rode over October Mountain in the Berkshires. On a mountain of similar altitude, also covered in snow, albeit not so much, and none on the sun splashed open summit where we brewed up for lunch, we rode bikes with no more gears than Wayfarer and his companions would have had. There was some walking, some falling down, and an exhilarating, occasionally hair-raising ride down the north slope of the mountain. Thus on the 88th anniversary of Wayfarer's ride, "we went over the top and obtained all our objectives." The last of which was the pub in Lenox.

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